Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My daughter asked me to submit an ad to an online site for female prison pen pals, she likes to write and keep in touch and learn things from the outside world. 

A person can lose themselves in prison. She is in there for not paying restitution on time so they revoked her parole and gave er 10 years. The Crawford County prosecuting attorney Mark Mccune wanted her to come up with the $1000 balance in 1 days time. When she couldn't he and the public defender decided to revoke her parole.

She has been gone a year already and her baby had just turned one and now she is two, soon to be 3 in Nov. I am not naive to think she will be problem free upon release and the test is in the temptations of this world. However she has learned some vital lessons for her life as it was. She has made positive changes I just pray she sticks with them when she gets out. Because if she doesn't I am done.

At any rate I created a website for her to help gain some pen pals and that sites address is Pen Pals wanted.

Please consider writing to her Long term friendships start somewhere why not here. She does have a good heart and soul. She just got twisted around and desperate and did things she shouldn't have, but I love my kids and grand kids and would do anything I could for any of my family. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

"Life sentence for buying marijuana?"

I could not find a link to share for this article without getting many others. So I put it on my blog because I think people need to know what could happen.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

"Life sentence for buying marijuana?"

CA6K4VHLThe question and title of this post comes from the headline of this new CNN commentary by Vanita Gupta, who is deputy legal director at the ACLU.  An editorial note at the start of this piece provides this background: "CNN's David Mattingly reports on the case of a Missouri man sentenced to life in prison for purchasing marijuana Wednesday at 7 p.m. on Erin Burnett OutFront."  And this companion piece, headlined "The price of pot," provides this additional preview:
Penalties for the personal use of marijuana vary across the country, the most severe standing in stark contrast as more states legalize medical and even recreational use. Possession of an ounce of pot in Colorado is penalty-free, but if you’re in Kansas, that same ounce could land you a year in jail and a $2,500 fine.
This week on "Erin Burnett OutFront," CNN's David Mattingly investigates two marijuana cases involving stiff penalties, including one man spending life in prison on pot charges. "OutFront" asks: Does the punishment fit the crime?  Watch the two-part "OutFront" investigationWednesday and Thursday, September 3-4 at 7 p.m. ET.
  And now here are now excerpts from the commentary by  Vanita Gupta: 
Clearly something is broken when a Missouri man named Jeff Mizanskey can be sentenced to die in prison for purchasing seven pounds of marijuana. With two nonviolent marijuana convictions already on his record, Jeff received life without parole under Missouri's three strikes law.
The punishment of growing old and dying behind bars for offenses like Mizanskey's is extreme, tragic, and inhumane. This should outrage us, but it should not surprise us. This country has spent 40 years relentlessly ratcheting up the number of people going to prison and dramatically expanding the time we hold them there. We've spent decades criminalizing people with drug dependency, passing extreme sentencing laws, and waging a war on drugs that has not diminished drug use. Small wonder, then, that even less serious crimes like Mizanskey's marijuana purchase result in costly and cruel sentences....
While many of the lawmakers who passed harsh sentencing laws thought they were doing the right thing, the results are now in: This approach has devastated families and communities, generated high recidivism rates, drained state budgets from more productive investments, and has reinforced generations of poverty and disadvantage that disproportionately fall on communities of color. There were ways to hold Mizanskey and others like him accountable for their actions short of sentencing them to die in prison.
We can and must do better. It's time for states to end the costly criminalization of marijuana and recalibrate sentencing laws so that the punishment actually fits the crime as opposed to a politician's reelection agenda. Public attitudes toward marijuana are rapidly evolving, and a Gallup poll last year found for the first time that a majority of Americans now favor legalization as a better course than criminalization.
Unfortunately, laws and police practices that enforce them are out of step with public opinion. Nationally, nearly half of all drug arrests are for marijuana offenses. At least one person is arrested for marijuana possession every hour in Mizanskey's home state of Missouri, which also wasted nearly $50 million on marijuana enforcement in 2010. Although black people and white people use marijuana at about the same rate, a black person in Missouri was 2.6 times more likely to be arrested for having marijuana than a white person.
The solution is clear. Instead of taxpayers spending millions of dollars on this unnecessary enforcement and keeping folks like Mizanskey in prison for the rest of their lives, states could follow Colorado and Washington by taxing and regulating marijuana and investing saved enforcement dollars in education, substance abuse treatment, and prevention and other health care.
But even if states are not ready to expand their tax base in this manner, state lawmakers need to take a good, hard look at their sentencing laws and eliminate penalties that far outweigh the crimes they seek to punish. It is tempting to think that Mizanskey's case is an anomaly, but that is not the case.
According to a report released by the American Civil Liberties Union last year, there are currently 3,278 people serving life sentences without parole for nonviolent crimes, including marijuana offenses. Many of them, like Mizanskey, are there because of three-strikes laws and mandatory sentencing regimes. These policies force judges to impose excessively cruel sentences and forbid corrections officials from granting early release or parole, even despite exemplary records in prison.
The good news is that there is a growing bipartisan consensus all over the country that our criminal justice system has gone too far and that we can and must safely downsize our prison population. Missouri recently reformed the three strikes law that sentenced Jeff to prison for life. If he were sentenced today, he could have received a significantly shorter sentence and be eligible for parole.
As states like Missouri make these kinds of reforms, we must not forget the people who languish behind bars because of old sentencing laws now thought to be excessive. Smart reforms that correct past injustice should be made retroactive, and governors must use their clemency powers more frequently. Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon should grant clemency to Jeff Mizanskey. Public safety is not served by having him die in prison.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

2005 Chevy Cavalier broken gear selector plunger fix

My granddaughters could not use a shifter handle because the plunger head broke off inside the arm. I bought a gear selector assembly from the salvage yard, attempted to remove the console to reinstall the assembly when my neighbor came over and said slow your roll, there's a easier way. He cut off the end of a plastic pin that had a rubber head on it to the size needed, slipped it over the plunger that was inside the arm, glued on with superglue, reapply the handle and the secure pin and Wala it works! The yellow plastic thing sticking up was the problem, it broke off, I bought this one for $37 but taking it back all I used was the handle.

Now it is fixed

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lara Croft Tomb Raider drop double holster belt

I have been researching for days on how to either make one that looked good and not like a toy or thrown together, or buy one. After shopping for the needed items to make one I should have just bought one for the cost of the stuff I bought. So I am thinking of buying it and taking it all back. But here is what I am trying to replicate.

Crocheted Mouse hat

I found this hood pattern on etsy.com an had to buy it to make for my grand daughter and grand niece for Christmas. It is so cute! 

The most interesting person in my life

The most interesting person in my life at the present time is my two year old grand daughter Ary. She makes me laugh everyday, while yes sometimes she gets into trouble for things but mostly she is smart and loves to help out around the house with chores, too bad they grow out of that. She hears music and starts dancing so take video's and pictures. What I like about that is on my computer you can actually see her grow up as the pictures are automatically lined up by date. I think it is great personally. Especially when they grow up and you want to glance back and remember the good ol days.

This post may not be very interesting to whom ever may be reading it or not, but it is to me and my family. At any rate it started out to be about the things I made then I took a break, and then I didn't post anything for a while because I had not made anything. I didn't want it to go to waste so I posted video's of Ary. However that isn't what I do in my spare room.

Please bare with me as the blog takes on a new meaning of which I have not figured out yet. But in the mean time here is a recent picture of my Ary wearing her new outfit and leg warmers I made. She had a mouse hat also but lost it at an event we went to. She loved her hat. I really need to make another one she really got a lot of compliments on it also. I also made one for my grand niece Alice whom is only 6 months older than Ary.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Card making

I just realized I have been so busy the past year, I forgot all about my blog. I had to give up my craft room due to some much needed repairs that have not been totally completed yet when my grandson moved in. I had to move my craft room out temporarily so most of my supplies are in my shed and some in the laundry room. Well anyhow I was looking at some of the blogs I follow and saw this card by Stamptramp
http://shellyhickox.blogspot.com/2014/08/karen-burniston-designer-challenge.html check it out it is really cool.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Social Security App

Social Security now has a wage reporting app for those of us in the SSI program.  I thought it would be wonderful, however you have to know your initial access code they sent you with your sign up packet. Who would have known to keep that.   

Monday, January 21, 2013

My Brother's Birthday Card

My sisters and I, whom you can find at www. pinkyfingercrafts.blogspot, spent the weekend making cards for different people.  I made one for my brother. 
His card took  a very long time, because I had no idea what I wanted to do. It finally came together nicely.  White card stock with patterned patter by Paper Pizza ephemera paper. The picture is printed on vellum, then black paper from the same pack, and  white card stock cut around with decorative scissors, glued to the final background. 

The inside has three separate tags holding together by a matching brad connected to the pattern paper before gluing it to the card. The side pieces, of the same pack,  the left is one piece and the right has two coordinating pieces. The paper has stitch marks as part of its print, so I used my sewing matching to stitch along in white thread, and let some of the threads hang loose. I then used bakers twine to go from left to right. On the right side I wrapped it on the part of the paper that did not have stitching. Then I glued the paper down so the twine would stay put. The flap at the bottom opens up to reveal my message and the year. The back is stamp with the words "Handmade".

Friday, January 18, 2013

Valentine's Day Cards

In the spirit of Valentine's day, I spent last weekend making Valentines for my family.  Here is a peak at what I created with the help of my younger sister. I also have a 17 year old grandson and his is still in the making and I think the best one to come. It is made from Steampunk paper. Look up steampunk on Google to get an idea. These are not a nice as some of the ones I have seen on the internet but I think they are ok.

For mom

                                          The envelope was made on the cricket machine and then
                                            For my 2 month old grand baby Ary.

                                                   My grand daughter Tessa
                                            For oldest Grand daughter in College

Second to last Grand Daughter Aaliyah

Friday, January 11, 2013

Handmade Valentine cards 2013

I have been working on valentine cards to give away and here a just of few of the ones where the pictures turned out. I made these myself with card stock and scrap paper, special scissors, and my cuddle bug embossing machine and a few other items.  The all go in this bag I made also. It makes a great gift and I thank my sister at pinky finger crafts blogspot for the idea.

A home made valentine card
Inside of the one with the heart above
I really like this one
The first one and one of my fav's

For a Best Friend


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Crochet Mittens

I made these adorable little hand mittens for my seven month old grand neice Alice. I just hope they fit. Pattern by
http://www.crochetgeek.com/2008/12/crochet-thumbless-baby-mittens-2-ply.html. I am told they fit and she loved them.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Crochet Beanie Hat

I am making everyone in my family something for Christmas. This beanie hat/brim hat and scarf set I made for my adopted son in law. Below this post are the pages I made for my mothers scrapbook. I do not have the picture for the scarf. It matches the hat in color. You can wear it several ways.

Friday, November 23, 2012


I started off to work today, Friday, drove 30 minutes on almost an empty tank, to get there and was told I was not needed. The client was suppose to notify my office or call the after hours phone number that she was provided when she signed up.  

I used the time wisely. I went to my favorite store Hobby Lobby to purchase more yarn.  I proceeded to purchase gasoline, and get something to eat. I then went home early to get started on the project below. It took me until midnight only because my craft room has no extra tables or storage so I had to spread it all out to sort through it. I almost gave up, but I said no I am running out of time. I do not have to work Saturday. I am going to finish this page for my mother's scrapbook. It is her Christmas gift, I have two more pages I want to complete. Here is the first one.

And today Nov 24th I finish three more pages. The last one is not embellished as much as the others, it is more whimsical because of where they were taken and what my family was doing. 

This is only part of the last page, my scanner is only so wide, the camera I used for the above isn't doing them justice so I used the scanner to get most of the page for an example. It is of my newest grand daughter Ary Born 11.7.12. I love the layout, I got the inspiration from Daniel Thompson in the 2006 issue of Memory Makers Magazine